Ordering / Contact

Online Ordering is available for chenille scarves, shawls and hats HERE

To order or find out more, please contact:
Dena Gartenstein
4 Signal Pine Road
Putney, VT 05346

About Colors
Be aware that I work in many, many different color combinations. Some are represented on the website right now, some aren’t. If there’s a color palate that you don’t see, call or e-mail me and I may be able to find a swatch for you. Also, please note that color representation varies widely depending on your computer screen. If accuracy of color is important, please contact me and I will send you fabric swatches.


Rayon Chenille:

Scarves (9″x70″)

  • striped: $92
  • w/ sparkle: $97
  • plaid: $105

Shawls (21″x80″): $175

  • with sparkle: $185
  • plaid: $210
    * all chenille scarves, shawls and blankets have twisted fringe edging

Hats (pillbox style):

  • silk-lined: $46
  • fleece lined: $54

Headbands: $38


  • short (no hood): $365
  • short with hood: $465
  • long with hood: $575
  • long with plaid scarf/hood: $610

Tencel Scarves (8”x55”): $120
Tencel scarves w/ sparkle: $130
*tencel scarves have hemstitched edging