Wedding Blanket with written blessings“Weaving has come as a gift to me. Somewhere deep down, I have always been a weaver. The feeling of threads running through my fingers, the motion of the shuttle going back and forth are in my body, found in the way that my body will find a move in dance. The process of learning to weave felt like rediscovering something I knew a long, long time ago.”

There is a deeply spiritual component to my weaving. I especially enjoy creating pieces to mark significant events and healings in peoples lives-whether it be a wedding blanket, created from ribbons that have written blessings on them, healing blankets, a tallis for a bar or bat mitzvahs, a wedding canopy or a special baby blanket.

These pieces are one of a kind. Call me 802.387.2656 or e-mail me to talk more about this aspect of my work and how it might fit into your life.